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Your Sholat Is The Mirror Of Your Life


"Whoever accustomed to delaying the prayer. Both men and women.
Then he arose late in all Affairs of life!!
Marriage, Occupation, Lineage, Health, Instructions. "

Hasan Albashri Said:
"If the only prayer you, then is there any trivial affair that important do you think?"

Like what thou change shalatmu. Like that thou change your life.

Do you not know that the prayer was holding with success ".
"Let Us pray, let success".

How can you ask SUCCESS to God, whereas you do not exert his Rights.

"O God, make us among those who founded the prayer on time."

-Aamiin ya Rabbal alamiin. '.

Muslims Are not Terrorist


Did you know that only 5 people killed 185 million human in history:

Mao Zedong from China killed 79 million people
Joseph stalin from Russia killed 50 million
Adolf Hitler from Germany killed 40 million
Paul pot from Cambodia killed 3 million
Leo bold from Belgium killed 15 million.
None of them were Muslim.

Read more of your history and read more about Islam, you will know that all terrorism that made all over the world by the name of Islam they are not even Muslim. In Quran, Allah (God) says that anyone who hurts any peace of another human being isn't consider a Muslim and he is not one of us.


Understanding the social and political contexts of Cambodia, Thailand, and Myanmar

Talking to Foreign Policy and taking Facebook to task...for their multiple failures and frankly, lack of planning to understand the social and political contexts of Thailand, Cambodia, and Myanmar(Burma)...

“Facebook has become a bit like an absentee landlord in Southeast Asia,” says Phil Robertson, deputy director of Human Rights Watch’s Asia division. “When Buddhist extremists start instigating action against Muslims [in Myanmar], looking around for the local Facebook representative is hopeless — there isn’t one. Instead, it’s sort of, complain into the void and hope some relief arrives before it’s too late — and that’s assuming you know a language that relevant Facebook staff are conversant in.”

But so far, the social network hasn’t lived up to its ideals, says Human Rights Watch’s Robertson. “They are going to need to build up their capacity to get further into the game, talking with all the stakeholders from civil society, business and government to ensure they know the political and social context and are prepared to respond in a substantive, rights respecting way.”

He adds: “People entrust their private and public lives to this platform — so decisions need to have customer buy-in, and communications need to reflect two-way dialogue."

Cambodia has 1.2 million Muslim

Cambodia has 1.2 mil Muslim out of a total population size of 4 million.. They live side by side with non muslim...