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Pain is "Zikrulloh"

They are miserable would more often refer to Asthma Alloh when outbid his senses.

✅ Pain that "Forgiveness".
Dosa2 will be easily remembered, if comes pain. So verbal social interactions to plead for mercy.

✅ Pain was "Unity".
Isn't it great when the pain, the phrase thoyyibat yg will continue to digetar?

✅ Pain was "Muhasabah".
We again ill will have more time to think about yourself in a quiet, menghitung2 stock returns.

✅ Pain was "Jihad".
When we are sick cannot be surrendered, were obliged continually sought, fought for the sake of healing.

✅ Even the pain was "Science".
Isn't it when ill, we will examine, consult & ultimately taking care of yourself for the next there's a science to it is not easy to touch the pain.

✅ Pain was "advice".
Ill remind the healthy to take care of themselves. Healthy entertaining the sick to be patient. Alloh love and affection of both.

✅ Pain was "Silaturrahim".
Saʿat jenguk, isn't a family that rarely meet finally come membezoek, full of smiles and nostalgic amorous? Because the pain is adhesive ukhuwah.

✅ Pain was "Remover sin".
Illegitimate goods tercelup in the body is dissolved in the world, the pain dinyerikan and washed him.

✅ Pain was "an efficacious Prayers". Imam As-Suyuti around town looking for org by dido'akan and then tell the pain that it hurts.

✅ Pain was one of the "Troublesome Devil". Invited immoral unable to-do not want to. Sin ... disesali. even then. then forgiven.

✅ Pain was making "a little laugh and lots of crying." One attitude to-Conscious-an yg favored Prophet & the creatures of the sky.

✅ Pain improves the quality of "worship".
AR­raki ' ûn-Bowed more khusyuk,
The Rosary-Forgiveness more often,
Bermunajat-Prayer so much longer.

✅ Pain was fixing the "Morals".
Arrogance and greed, the nature of terikikis was forced to submit personal, conditioned mannered, gentle & Tawadhu '.

✅ And pd "pain" eventually leads us to always remember "death"
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