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Jackie Ying, Muslim Nanotechnology Scientist

Jackie Yi Ru Ying, so the full name of this Muslim scientists. A familiar woman accosted Professor Ying was born in Taipei, Taiwan, in 1966. According one source, cited by cambomuslimtrip.

When her age is still seven years, she moved to Singapore with his family and attended Raffles Girls School. Step on the age of 15 years, Ying and his family migrated to New York, United States.

In the land of Uncle Sam, Ying studied it until his first degree from the Cooper Union in New York, where he graduated summa cum laude. She also continued his lectures at Princeton University in New Jersey, and received a master's degree in 1988, and his PhD degree in 1991. Both degrees were earned in the field of chemical engineering.

Although relatively young, 26 years old, Ying has been teaching in the Department of chemical engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Only in the past ten years thereafter, Ying was appointed as full professor. Her 35 years of it made her one of the youngest full professor at MIT at the time.

Now, Ying was Director of a Research Institute for biological engineering and nanotechnology (IBN) Singapore. The institution was founded by Ying in March 2003. So far, under the leadership of Ying, IBN has evolved and has 150 research staff.

IBN productivity can be seen from the scientific publications that reached 1,260 more papers in various journals. Not only that, more than 685 patent applications hatched by these institutions.

This national research institutions have also given birth to 122 students holds Ph.d. staff of own IBN has guided more than 2,500 students and teachers in full-time research internship for a period of at least a month.

The interdisciplinary nature of research itself Ying. This veiled woman has written more than 350 articles. In such, the competencies as a widely recognised scientists in different parts of the world.

A row of awards ever received include: American Ceramic Society Ross Purdy Award for the most valuable contribution towards the ceramic technical literature in 1993, the National Science Foundation Young Investigator Award to selected as one of the 500 most influential Muslims in the world since this year until 2012.

Ying's Contributions to Islam

Last year, she delivered a speech while accepting his award at Tehran, Iran Mustafa as a "Top Scientific Achievement Award". "Our Prophet Muhammad, has urged us to seek knowledge pengatahuan, of course, because science is the key to enhance the dignity of human life," she said.

For him, science validates the existence of the God who created and maintain the whole of the creatures. After you say thank you in some people who have been instrumental in his life, Ying tells that he converted to Islam at the age of 34 years.

In the country that Mulla, Ying was also awarded the lifetime achievements of scientists called the Silicon Valley headquarters of Iran. The award was given in Iran's Pardis Technology Park (PTP), a satellite town just 20 kilometres (12 miles) from Tehran. The Park is also adjacent to the Satellite Earth station telecommunications companies of Iran, at the foot of Alborz mountains.

The Park covering an area of 38 hectares is touted as a haven of technology in Iran, which is the mechanism of pengawasannya directly by the Presidency and the Board of Trustees of 14 entities of the Ministry, the center of science, and the Academy.

In this place, about 75 companies have signed a contract for the membangunan of their and  Center. And one of the effort to develop the vision and inspiration of the scientists there, made the statues of the world's leading scientists whose works have great influence to the survival of the human race. One of the statues of scientists it is Jackie Ying.

Ying said, Islam has already changed her life, and give a reference to him in finding the meaning of life that already was looking since childhood. Any ideas, said Ying, who can bring the Islamic world together in the framework of the development of science and technology is the key to Community Affairs. "Not only benefit the US Muslim community, but for the whole world," she said.
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