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Beautiful Tourism Places in Cambodia

Cambodia is a country that has just undergone a long-term self-healing process of past trauma when Cambodians are in the darkness of terror from the Khmer forces. The country still faces several problems such as the presence of landmines threatening the surrounding community, poverty, infrastructure damage and other problems. But who would have thought, now Cambodia has risen, people try to do reconstruction and self-healing, trying to improve Cambodia until one of them impact on increasing foreign tourists. 7 places this tour may be a reference your tourist destination when visiting Cambodia.

1.Angkor Wat
This is a major Cambodian mainstay of tourist attraction to the attention of foreign tourists. Angkor Wat which means "Candi Kota" (because this temple is located in the capital city of Angkor in the era of the Khmer kingdom in the 9th-15th century) is considered the most beautiful temple complex at the largest in Cambodia. The extent of Angkor complex is equivalent to 76,000 Borobudur temple we loh. The length of the outer wall of Angkor Wat aja touch 2.4 kilometers, you will be pegel-pegel if around this temple during the day. One of the interesting spots here is the entrance to Angkor Wat, because when the sun rises this spot becomes a place for tourists as well as photographers to capture those beautiful moments. Not enough day for you who like to explore the complex of this temple complex because of its own area of ​​more than 1000 square kilometers.

Kratie is a small town located around the banks of the Mekong. This place is dominated by a market surrounded by old buildings of French colonial relics. This place is not a popular place among the tourists, but this place became one of the bacpacker's fascinating destinations to visit Cambodia. In this place you will be able to see the attraction of a rare dolphin named Irrawaddy which is currently quite a bit in the Mekong. There are only about 66-86 Irrawaddy dolphins around the Mekong.

3. Tonle Sap
Tonle Sap is the largest lake area in Southeast Asia. This place is home to ethnic Vietnamese and Cham people who live in the floating village around the lake.
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