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Good Place For Shopping In Cambo

The most popular market in phnom penh is the CENTRAL MARKET, he can be the No. 1 in frangipani trees,

travelled in frangipani trees if no central market entry is not valid. set in a colonial-style building in the capital of Cambodia. name in khmer {psar thmay} is translated as "new market",

though more often referred to in English as the central market. PSAR thmay {central market} built in 1937 during the occupation of France, consisting of four wings was dominated by the dome of the Centre. in the four wings of the complex and around the outside which gives the promotion almost anything you could you inginkankan, including electronic equipment, clothing, watches, bags, suitcases, dry and fresh foodstuffs, jewelry, clothing from the cheap t-shirts to KRAMA (khmer scarf), pseudo-antique guide books including photocopying and ramble a lot of souvenirs.
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