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Qurban in Islam

* Quban is sunat muakad in people-Muslims and slaves of the second half and again dodgy mukalaf (which can be memerentah his property by himself) and he power architecture.

* The sacrificial ritual circumcision kifaya on one if multiple in one House, and the particular fallopian tube which only he's a jaka in one House.

* Makruh meningalkan qurban as there are scholars that mewajibkannya i.e. Hanafi require qurban above their disbursement.

* The purpose of circumcision kifaya is when worked by a person in a House then missed sekelian households from makruh.

* A compulsory because Qurban so vowed as said one because God compulsory top ku qurban, or by specifying the dijadi animals like this qurban said one animal quban then so required for slaughter at the time counted quban.

Animals that can be made the sacrificial ritual:

1. Camel, even five years of age.

2. Cow or buffalo, age at exactly two years.

3. Goats, age at exactly two years.

4. Sheep age even a year, but if have dropped their teeth before enough age a year, memada made the sacrificial ritual.

* In accordance with the opinion of Ibn Abbas رضي الله عنهما memada at the shed blood of the sacrificial ritual, even slaughtered a chicken or duck and likewise aqiqah road qias at qurban. Scholars Syafieyah require bertaklid (according to) with this opinion for those who can't afford it.

Ritually pure animal diqurbankan it:

1. a camel for

2. A cow or Buffalo for one.

3. kibas or goats.

* Seven kibas or goat for a prior fine from a camel.

* Memada a cow or camel to seven people.

* For different intention sharing on a camel or cow slaughtered, as one intends the sacrificial ritual, one other intention aqeqah and some are intended to be sold then mamada.
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