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Understand Bidaah According The Hadith

METHOD of knowledge set that the Hadith of the Prophet (PBUH) should be construed between partly with some Hadith that others and must be executed in part by another. Muslims need to understand the saying of Prophet Muhammad PEACE BE UPON HIM with the understanding that a prudent, comprehensive and complete. It must also be interpreted with the spirit of Islam and he understands coincide with the opinions and observations Member Nazar (experts at the outset of Islam).

Therefore, we find to understand or interpret many Hadith, require the excellence, intellect intellectual intelligence and deep understanding and sensitive hearts participated. Pemahamannya must be based on Sharia. In addition to observing the conditions and situation of Muslims as well as various requirements. The situation and the State of the race indeed should be coordinated with the restrictions the Islamic method, nas-nas al-Quran and Sunnah of Muhammad PEACE BE UPON HIM without going off of it.

For example include this Hadith: "every heretics is misguided." To understand the Hadith like this properly, we must say that it means to heretics in the Hadith is heretics sayyi'ah, i.e. heretics wrong and misleading. That is not based on the principal teachings of Islam.

Approaches like this or what are termed taqyid (limiting the absolute) is also applied to other Hadith such as the Hadith: "there is no prayer (perfect) for neighbourhood watch mosque, except (done) in the mosque."
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